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    Keter Books 
    Keter Books is one of the leading publishing houses in Israel. Its diverse activity is focusing on Israeli and translated literature, fiction, crime novels, science fiction, books for children and young adults, nonfiction, travelers' guides, cookbooks and works of reference.
    Keter Books was founded in 1958, primarily in the field of scientific translations and works of non-fiction, all in the English language and under a number of different imprints. During the first decade of activity the company expanded rapidly and gained recognition in Israel as the leading publisher in English of original non-fiction titles which eventually led to the start of publishing in Hebrew in the mid 70's of all genres – publishing in Hebrew is now the core activity and continues today under the "Keter Books" imprint. The company has maintained its dominance ever since and is an acknowledged market leader in the high quality of its titles and the excellence of its manufactured products for the publishing industry in Israel and for its customers abroad.
    During the first years Keter Books’ activity revolved around the scientific translations of Russian manuscripts into English, primarily for the National Science Foundation of America. This was a major commitment that continued without interruption until the dissolution of the Iron Curtain and the beginning of wide ranging cultural exchange between the East and West.
    At the same time the company established an independent imprint for non-fiction publishing in the English language. This activity flourished with a number of significant co-productions together with American and British publishers.
    Meanwhile Keter acquired the publishing rights for the many times stalled Encyclopaedia Judaica. This is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious publishing enterprises ever attempted in Israel, which was a big success and was sold throughout the world. 
    During the 90’s Keter Books began focusing on Israeli fiction. 
    Israeli authors: Yehuda Atlas, Tamar Arad, Yoav Blum, Dror Burstein, Jonathan de Shalit, Lizzie Doron, Ofir Touche Gafla, Yoel Hoffmann, Yaniv Iczkovits, Amnon Jackont, Shulamit Lapid, Iris Leal, Savyon Liebrecht, Uri Levron, Ronit Matalon, Uri Orlev, Amos Oz, Kinneret Rosenbloom, Ami Rubinger, Tom Segev, Dan Benaya Seri, Nano Shabtai, Tzruya Shalev, Alon Ulman, Michal Zamir, Nurit Zarchi and Shemi Zarhin.
    Translated authors: Douglas Adams, Judy Blume, Truman Capote, Raymond Chandler, Don DeLillo, Dr. Seuss, Nathan Englander, David Foenkinos, Paolo Giordano, Howard Jacobson, Roy Jacobsen, Ismail Kadare, Barbara Kingsolver, Janusz Korczak, Claude Lanzmann, Lois Lowry, Haruki Murakami, Christopher Paolini, Lincoln Peirce, Per Petterson, Philip Pullman, Ken Robinson, Salman Rushdie, George Saunders, Michael Scott, W.G. Sebald, Lemony Snicket, Timothy Snyder and Banana Yoshimoto.
    Keter has published so far about 4,000 titles in Hebrew.